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JustLift Olympic Weightlifting Club - Snatch and Clean and Jerk!

Olympic Weightlifting

Snatch. Clean and Jerk. Our JustLift Weightlifting Club is the best in Ottawa, offering programs for all ages and abilities.

JustLift Powerbuilding - Get Big, Get Strong


Get Big. Get Strong. Our Powerbuilding program builds powerful athletes and bodies.

JustLift JustFit Fitness Club - Strength & Conditioning for General Physical Preparedness

Strength & Conditioning

Get Fit. Get Lean. Our JustFit Program develops all around fitness and general physical preparedness.

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JustLift is where Ottawa comes to lift!

Schedule an appointment with one of our coaches to get started on your path to achieving physical greatness now! Whether you're coming to get better at Olympic Weightlifting, or to get stronger and fitter, our team will be there every step of the way.

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JustLift is founded upon a virtue of community, dedication, passion and culture. We are a group of likeminded athletes and coaches who believe that strength, fitness and dedication go beyond the physical aspect of training but are in fact key to build a happy, confident and rewarding lifestyle. We strive to build a community where our athletes and fitness enthusiast aren’t just an individual but part of the JustLift family. No matter how strong any of our staff and members seem to be, all had to start somewhere and therefore encourage  all members, of all fitness/skill levels, to be the best they can be. While the gym provides you with all the tools you need to reach your goals, Its up to each and any one of  us to give JustLift its heartbeat and make it what it is..